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PlexWatch all your favorite movies, TV shows and much more on Plex, one of the fastest growing growing media streaming apps is this which is a successor or Kodi which already has maintained its credibility, Plex is developed in collaboration with Kodi and other streaming softwares which have only one sole purpose of providing all the best content to all its users, Plex also has a premium Pass that you can get with a monthly subscription that allows you to watch Amazon Prime and many other channels like it which have the best premium content and you don’t have to pay for all them but you get these channels for free when you pay for the Plex Pass and get it from the official website.

Plex is the latest version of this app which now lets you download all the media content that you stream on your smartphone in your desired resolution all the way up to full high definition and you can also download the subtitles for the movies from the same app itself. The download feature allows you to transfer the movies to other devices so you can watch them later anytime on any device without having to spend any data. Plex does not require you to download any VPN to access movies and other media content on this app, you can use your current network as it is and keep streaming. Plex has almost zero down time which means you can watch all the latest movies for free anytime you want unlike other similar apps that do not work most hours of the day.

Download Plex for Android

  1. Turn on download from Unknown sources.
  2. Download Plex from your web browser.
  3. Login with your six digit code you will get on your Plex account.
  4. Now enjoy all the features of Plex.

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