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PlexAs finding you favourite movies is getting more and more difficult as there are plenty of sites that come up in suggestions that claim to provide you the particular show or movie and it is nothing but clickbait which just keeps you in a loop until you realise you don’t get what you’re actually looking for, well then you can download the Plex TV App on your Android or iOS device to stream all your favourite movies and TV Shows that you love, this is one of the most famous and free to use streaming apps available out there, Plex is made in collaboration with Kodi which was already a well known name in the streaming apps community and with the release of Plex it just improved a lot more. You can watch your favourite media content on your gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Play Station 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

You can also download Plex and stream videos on your Android smart Tv so you can watch all those videos on your TV screen. Another great thing about Plex is that is is completely free to use and it connects you with all those live streams as well if you want to watch those, it is already a full package itself but if you want some additional features say like login with multiple devices at a single time so more of you can stream your own content or you want parental control feature which automatically shows you filtered search results whenever you search then you can get the Plex Pass which is a monthly paid subscription that you can get.

Download Plex for Android.

  1. Unlock your device and make sure you are connected to a Wifi or have data turned on.
  2. Now Open your preferred browser and Download Plex.
  3. Wait for Plex to successfully install.
  4. Now Open Pex TV App and login with your Plex ID.
  5. Now you can watch all your favourite videos on Plex.

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