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PlexThese days nobody has the patience to wait till a movie downloads to watch it, as the world is getting fast everyone needs everything now but when it comes to a movie there are very fewer websites that can make it available to watch it online, Plex is one of the top streaming websites that you can use to stream all your movies, live shows, games, podcasts, and so much more, Plex has an easy to use interface which can easy be understood and you can search for anything you like from its categories which has tons of stuff or if you are looking for something specific you can simply go to the search bar located on the top and type what you want, results are very quick and you will have that particular movie, show or anything you have searched for. You can watch videos from 360p to the ultra-high definition or whatever quality suits your device. Plex website is good but now let’s see what the app has.

Plex has recently released its new app that can be downloaded on all smartphones, gaming consoles, smart or Android Tv’s directly or via streaming boxes, you can get it on your PC or Mac. Any device you can think of Plex has made its app available to download on it. Plex is much more convenient to use and has additional features also if you are a Plex Pass user then the home screen keeps recommending you all the premium shows or movies that you can watch. Now you can get Plex on your Android device for free, just follow the instructions provided to download Plex

Download Plex for Android.

  • You need internet connectivity for the following steps.
  • Open any web browser and Download Plex
  • Once downloaded link your Android device with your Plex account.
  • Once done you will have Plex home screen on your screen from there you can choose to watch your favorite content.

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