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PlexNow finding your favorite movies online is going to be much easier, as you can use Plex TV App to watch the latest movies and shows. Plex has released a new version of its app that you can now download on almost any platform like on smartphones, Android TV, consoles and more. This app is much more convenient to use and helps you find videos you want faster. Plex is the latest version and works almost like the website but here you have it in the form of an app and as soon as you launch it, if you’re logged in, the home screen will notify you about all the movies that are now made available to watch, the latest shows, live streams that are available and so much more.

To use Plex you need to be logged in with our Plex account and you can create one with ease, all you have to do is go the official website and create your free account, from there you have an option if you want a monthly subscription of premium channels and on-demand shows, Plex has partnered up with several other media partners like Amazon Prime and Netflix and if you have Plex Pass which is the paid monthly subscription you can watch all the premium content of these platforms when you watch using Plex You can download Plex for your Android device with the steps provided below.

Download Plex for Android devices.

  1. Unlock your device and connect to a Wifi nearby.
  2. Now open Chrome browser and Download Plex
  3. Wait for Plex to download on your device.
  4. Log in with you Plex accounts in the app.
  5. Now you can run Plex app and join millions of other users who can watch all their favorite streams anytime they want.

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