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PlexHave you ever tried to search for a movie and ended up with loads of links which all proved to be fake. Now you can download Plex for all your movies, TV shows, live games and what not. Plex is one of the top leading online streaming websites that allows you to access all the latest movies and more. You can stream your favorite content, play music and even store your personal photos when you are logged in with your Plex account. Plex has live TV and DVR news and podcasts it is completely free to use, you can simply open the website or app that you can download on various operating software like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon TV stick, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles and many other.

If you download Plex TV app you will have access to many additional features that the website doesn’t have also if you want to get that premium feel and watch all those premium shows then you can opt for Plex pass, this is up monthly paid subscription which gives you access 2 on-demand movies, TV shows, latest releases also when you download Plex TV app on your Android device all your videos, music files, photo collections are organized in a great manner that are easy to view and access, it has received a 4.7 overall rating from its uses, Plex team always tries to provide you the latest content as soon as it is made available. Plex is the best app to have on your Android device.

Download Plex for Android device.

  • Open your web browser and Download Plex.
  • Wait for it to finish downloading.
  • Open Plex and login with your account details.
  • You then have to provide a six digit code you receive on your Plex account so your account is linked with your device.
  • Now enjoy using Plex on your Smartphone.

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