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PlexAs downloading movies and TV shows are becoming an art of the past and everybody today has loads of data on their mobile networks or have a Wi-Fi right in their home so nobody wants to wait to download full movies or a full season instead people prefer to watch all the shows online. So, which one is the best platform to stream your favorite media online, well if you search on the web there are many options available but the best one is Plex this is an online streaming app that you can download on your device. Plex is available on several devices like you can download it on PC, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and many other devices you can also download Plex on your Android TV or on your smart TV with the help of a streaming box and watch unlimited shows and movies without an interaction ad-free anytime you want.

Plex also has on-demand movies and TV shows and you can stream live games, podcast and so much more also when you watch using plex you can choose the quality you want to watch it like it has 360p to 1080p or you can simply set it on auto which will provide you the best video quality available according to your device and your internet connectivity. You can choose movies from the categories like romantic horror comedy science fiction comic animation drama and many others once you start using Plex you won’t be able to shift to others streaming apps as Plex has it all.

Download Plex for Android devices.

  1. Open your preferred choice of browser.
  2. Download Plex from here.
  3. Wait for Plex TV App to finish downloading on your device.
  4. Launch Plex and provide it your login details and then link your account with your Android device.
  5. Now, whenever you run Plex you can watch unlimited streams.

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