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PlexNow the best movies available are just a single tap away when you use Plex online streaming app, this is one of the top downloaded streaming apps in the market you can get an app on your smartphone Smart TV any gaming console Microsoft Windows and even on the Mac OS. now you can download Plex and watch your favourite movies and shows from across hundreds of genres, like it has movies in various categories like Romance, horror, comedy, animation, documentary, adventure, superhero, crime, thriller, Western, Epic, War, musical theatre, romantic comedy, Sports, drama, psychological thriller, Cult film, stand up comedy, silent, mystery and just so many more.

With Plex the possibilities of having to watch movies are unlimited. legs now also counts with Chromecast support and provides your favourite videos from 360p to real HD quality. Also, you can cause your favorite media on Plex. When you search for movies on Plex it shows you the movies with their cast and all the details that come with, it also allows you can see the IMDb rating and see how many stars that particular movie has got also you can check out the reviews and see if you want to watch it or not. Now download Plex on your Android device with the instructions provided below.

Download Plex for Android

  • Open your smartphone and connect to a nearby Wifi or see that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Open Chrome or any other web browser you prefer and Download Plex.
  • Once the app has finished downloading, Install Plex app and Run it.
  • Provide the app your Plex Account credentials.
  • You then have to link your Android device as your Plex Account has been logged in.
  • Now you can start watching all your favourite media content using Plex.

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