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PlexHave you ever searched for a movie and then you wanted to watch it online on your hand was several link that claimed to show you the movie I let you download it from their website well now you don’t have to worry about those fake links as you can get the all new Plex all your Android or iOS device this app is just available on so many platforms like you can also get it on your TV why are several streaming boxes you can get it on your gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox and it is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS as well. the latest version of Plex has finally got rid of all the errors and bugs and gives you the best experience the home screen keeps you informed about all the latest movies or the ones which are upcoming and lets you watch them hassle free without any ads.

Plex also provide use subtitles in various languages like it has subtitles in over 9 languages that you can choose from also you can edit the subtitles as your needs like you can change the font size or color and choose how much the words fade away so the screen shows more of the movie and less of subtitles. also, this new app brings you tons of features like it has cloud support it lets you download movies and shows anytime you want and you can search your favorite movies with the quick search bar provided above and so much more.

Get Plex for Android.

  • Open your Android device and connect to a nearby Wifi.
  • Now Download Plex from your choice of web browser.
  • Once downloaded you can log in with your Plex Account and enjoy watching your favorite movies.

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