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PlexDid you know that streaming your favourite movies is now very simple as Plex has finally launched its app so now you don’t have to search for your movies and go on different websites to find them even if you are a Plex user that uses Plex website it is going to be very convenient for you as the new app has tons of additional features including the website features it had. Plex has thousands of movies that you can choose from and has categories like romantic, horror, comedy, superhero, action, adventure, crime, thriller, western, war, indie, musical theatre, martial arts, reality TV, drama, world cinema, psychological thriller, stand up comedy videos, silent films, black and white films, mystery, sports and just so much more. with Plex you are sure to never get bored as you can use it whenever you go like if you are on a train or if you are just getting bored and have time to kill then you can use Plex and watch your favorite videos or just watch the ones which are recommended and enjoy.

This latest version of flags has also fixed previous errors and bugs that kept you from watching the videos you love and now you can watch the best content without any delay. Plex also offers subtitles in various languages like now you can watch videos with their subtitles in over 8 languages also you can choose the size font and colour of the subtitles that you have on your display as Plex gives you full access to your streams and provides you best comfort and so you can choose every single thing and change it according to your needs now you can download the latest version of plex on your smartphone with minimal instructions.

Get Plex on Android devices.

  • Open Chrome browser and Download Plex.
  • Install the app and login with your Plex account.
  • Now enjoy your favorite shows anytime.

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