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PlexAs tech keeps on improving and new devices are making their way into the market, most of these devices are hard to understand and use and it becomes quite complicated to get along with it, suppose you got a new Android TV and you want to watch any particular show or movie that you like but the UI is quite hard to understand in the beginning and it keeps on saying you need to download an app or another every time you try to search for the video you want, now you can get Plex on your Android TV and simply login with your Plex ID, if you don’t have a Plex account don’t worry, you can go to its official website and create your new Plex account so you can watch all your favourite video content like movies, TV shows, and more.

Plex TV App is the best media streaming app for any device, it is available for almost every platform like smartphones, televisions, gaming consoles, PC and Mac and more. Plex also offers unlimited channels that you can choose to watch and it has great features like you can access your Plex account from any device and you can see your saved, liked and watched videos anytime, you can also turn on notifications so you don’t miss another episode of that favourite show you love. You can download Plex on your Android device by following the instructions provided below.

Download Plex for Android.

  1. Go to settings and see that you have turned on ‘download from Unknown Sources’
  2. Now open your preferred browser and Download Plex.
  3. Simply login with your Plex Account and provide the six digit code you will receive on your Plex ID.
  4. Once you have connected your device with your Plex account enjoy watching your favourite videos.

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