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PlexPlex is an entertainment app that allows you to stream high quality media content on your devices such as movies, TV shows and much more for absolutely free. It is one of the fastest entertainment apps of its kind and rapidly growing thanks to some of the great features of the app that are exclusively available on Plex only. Plex also allows you to download all the media content that you stream on your device so you can watch it later anytime and also transfer the downloaded media files on any other device so you do not have to spend any more data to stream it again. Plex also provides you with subtitles for all the movies and TV shows and the subtitles are not always synchronized with the video but you can choose to use different subtitles that fit better.

You can select the resolution of the video you want to stream on your device and there is also an auto button so your device automatically selects the best resolution available according to the speed of your internet connection. Now download the latest version of Plex which is free of all those errors that kept happening in the previous version, it has a completely new redesigned operating system that makes it easier than ever to find your favourite movies and tv shows that you can stream whenever you want ad the best thing about Plex entertainment app is that you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to avail the benefits of watching the best content.

Download Plex for Android.

  • Go to settings and turn on download from Unknown Sources.
  • Now open your preferred browser and Download Plex.
  • Wait for Plex to download on your device.
  • Now login with your Plex account and watch unlimited movies whenever you want.

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