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PlexIn today’s world nobody downloads movies of seasons of any shows anymore when it is all available everywhere and you can watch any video whenever you want as there are plenty of media streaming websites you can go to, if you’re a PC user you’re pretty lucky as all the streaming websites are compatible with it but if you are a smartphone user and have an Android or iOS device which you prefer to watch videos on then you have limited options and this is where you have to make a choice as which can be the best media streaming software for you, worry not as we have already done all the hard work and compared all the websites for you. Plex is one of the best media streaming websites and it has a Plex TV App you can download on almost any device, it can be a smartphone, Android TV, Streaming boxes, Gaming consoles and more.

It has the best features when compared with its alternatives and one of the best things is that it has other media streaming partners like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and many others, you can watch all the premium content of all these in one single place. Also, Plex has introduced its latest version which is simply the best and has added several improvements and the user interface is now much easier than before to understand and to navigate to your favorite content.

Get Plex for Android.

  1. Make sure your device has data enabled or connect to a Wifi nearby.
  2. Now go to settings and turn on download from ‘unknown sources’
  3. Open your preferred web browser and Download Plex
  4. Wait for it to install then run the app and login with your Plex Account.
  5. Now you can stream all your favourite movies and shows whenever you want on your Android device.

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