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PlexIf you love streaming movies and shows online then this is the app for you, Plex is an all new media streaming software that lets you stream all the best content from the comfort of your home, office or from wherever you want to watch. Plex which is already a quite famous name and one of the most used websites when it comes to watching movies online has released the latest version of its app Plex v4.6.1.381. This app can be downloaded on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You can also get it on Android Tv or get it on your TV via streaming boxes like Roku, Amazon stick, Chromecast and several others. Plex app is much more convenient to use and has a much better user interface which helps you find your favourite movies and shows faster. Apart from showing you all the stuff other streaming websites offer Plex has other things like now you can watch live gaming streams and more.

To use Plex app you need to have a Plex Account which you can create by going to the official Plex website, while creating the account you can go for the free version or Plex Pass. Now you must be wondering what Plex Pass is, well this is a monthly paid subscription that gives you additional benefits when compared to the free version, also it has some of the best premium channels and shows like Plex has partnered up with Amazon Prime, Netflix and several other multimedia partners and if you have Plex Pass you are automatically eligible to watch all their premium content with your Pex account.

Download Plex for Android devices.

  1. You need an internet connection or need to connect to a Wifi nearby to proceed to next steps.
  2. Now Download Plex from your preferred web browser.
  3. Login with your Plex account.
  4. Now you can watch all your favourite movies whenever you want using Plex TV App.

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