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PlexHave you ever searched to watch a movie online and you ended up with tons of websites that are providing you with the same movie but you are confused as which is the best one and which offers the best features and you are left with lots of questions? To clear that up today we are going to tell you one of the best options to stream movies and shows online. Plex is a software that allows you to watch all the movies, TV shows, live games, live shows, gaming streams, podcasts and a lot more anytime you want. It offers videos from 360p to real HD, it is up to you what you want quality you want to watch. Plex also keeps on providing constant updates like the current top version with the best features is v4.6.2.382.

This version is free of the errors that kept coming in its previous version and it came with slight improvements like now the interface is more user-friendly, you can find the movies you want from various categories like drama, action, adventure, comedy, mystery and more. If you are in the mood to binge-watch then just put on a series and watch it ad-free and without any intervals on any kind. To watch content on this software you need to have a Plex account which you can create on its official website, you can go for the free account or pay the monthly subscription to get the premium features, the premium version is Plex Pass which allows you to access all the premium movies and makes the latest movies available to you as soon as they launch. Now you can download Plex for Android device with the instructions provided below.

Download Plex for Android.

  • Simply open Chrome and Download Plex.
  • Install Plex and log in with your Plex credentials and link your device with your account.
  • Now you can stream online on Plex TV App and watch your favorite movies and shows.

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