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PlexNow you can download the Plex TV app and get all the best movies and TV shows right on your Android device or any other device text support tons of devices like you can get it on your Mac, Microsoft Windows, iOS devices, several Linux devices, Roku and you can also get it on your Android TV or your Smart TV with the help of several streaming boxes. Nexus One of the top trending streaming Aaj Tak you can have on your device it has all the latest movies and once you start watching on Plex it will also recommend you movies and TV shows from the ones you watched. This latest version of Plex has fixed all the previous bugs and errors that kept occurring while watching Live gaming streams and more. It has thousands of channels that you can choose from to watch also it has premium channels and shows that you can watch.

Plex supports several video formats and provide you the best quality videos to watch also you can choose from settings and it will show you the best video quality available according to your device or your data connection Plex also has cloud support so you can save your media files on the cloud. Also, you get subtitles available in various languages and you can edit the subtitles according to your needs like you can change the font color and even resize the subtitles and place them whenever you want on the screen so you get best-personalized experience while watching your favorite movies. Now download this latest Plex app on your Android smartphone with the steps mentioned below and enjoy unlimited streaming on your device anytime you want.

Get Plex for Android devices.

  1. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection or are connected to a Wifi nearby.
  2. Now open Chrome and Download Plex.
  3. Wait for it to install on your device.
  4. Open the Plex app and login with your Plex account and you will receive a six digit code.
  5. Provide the code and your device will be linked with your account.
  6. Now watch all your favorite content on Plex.

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