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PlexPlex is an entertainment app designed for Android devices where you can stream movies TV shows and music for absolutely free of charge. You can watch the latest movies, exclusive TV shows and stream premium live channels using plex on your smartphone. Plex has a very simple user interface and it has features that encourages you to binge watch TV shows such as skip intro feature that lets you skip the opening credits of any movie or a TV show, the next episode button also appears as soon as you finish watching an episode of a TV show or a web series. you can also download everything you stream on Plex and watch it later anytime without having to spend data. You can also transfer the downloaded media files to other devices so you do not have to download it again on other devices.

Plex is supported by almost all operating, you can use it on your Android smartphone, Smart TV, PC etc. Plex also recommends you movies and other other content that you might be interested in based on the stuff you have already watched. There is also a paid version of the app where you get access to more premium shows and movies and have the ability to stream everything in full HD quality. You also get subtitles that you can turn on anytime you want and also multiple audio for the same movie which can be changed while watching it. The new update has made Plex bug-free and has added many new features which help the app to run faster and appeal to a wider audience. Plex has Chromecast support built in so you can stream everything on your TV that you watch on your smartphone effortlessly.

Download Plex on Android.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Download Plex and install it on your smartphone.
  3. Now enjoy streaming your favourite movies and TV shows.

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