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PlexNow you can stream anytime anywhere with the latest Plex TV app. If you love watching movies then you must have encountered the problem of not being able to find all the latest movies or any TV show that you wanted to watch well, now you can with the latest Plex app. this is a media software that has all the best movies TV shows podcast and more. you can stream anything you want care absolutely free and you don’t even have to pay anything to watch your favourite content. Plex already comes with unmatchable features like it has a Quick Search bar that lets you find all the content you search for in an instant also it has a library of thousands of movie that you can choose from or you can choose to watch movies from several categories provided like action adventure superhero Indie drama horror comedy fiction and more.

Plex also has a subscription which you can get for a month, year or for lifetime. Once you get this subscription you will have the Plex Pass. This allows you to get more additional features and you get access to all the premium movies and TV shows also you get the download option for everything available on Plex. One of the most important feature for parents is that you can put a lock on the content that you don’t want your kids to watch also if you have turned on the Parental Control feature then all the videos that are provided will be filtered before they are shown to you and the content not suitable will be hidden and you won’t even know the difference.

Download Plex on Android.

  1. Open your Chrome.
  2. Download Plex.
  3. Install Plex TV app on your device.
  4. Now stream your favorite shows anytime you want.

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