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PlexDid you know that you can watch all your favorite media content and stream your favorite movies and TV shows online whenever you want on your gaming consoles? All this started with the XBMC Foundation. This stands for Xbox Media Centre, this software was made available for all the Xbox console users. So they won’t be limited to just playing games on their Xbox. As time pass the Xbox media Centre Foundation evolved as well and it did you just stick to the gaming console but it was made available on several other devices so users who have any device that supports which software was now able to stream their favorite videos anytime they wanted. Plex is a much-enhanced version of the same app and the developers of XBMC Foundation teamed up with several other developers and introduced this app in the market.
Plex is completely free to download on for several devices, this is most used by smartphone users who love watching their favorite shows online and the app is very user-friendly and easy to understand. It is completely free of errors or ads of any kind so you get what you search for in an instant. Plex also has a Plex Pass available that you can get if you pay for the subscription. Plex Pass gets you additional benefits that you won’t get otherwise, like one of the most useful features is that you get parental control over the app so you don’t have to worry about your kids watching any content that was not appropriate for them at all the suggestions are filtered for that age limit.

Download Plex for Android devices.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Make sure you have a stable network connection.
  • Now open Chrome.
  • Download Plex app.
  • Login with your Plex account and enjoy streaming in best high quality videos.

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