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PlexDo you ever want to stream your media files to your various devices? If yes then we have the best solution for you which is Plex. It is a powerful media server software which helps you to stream your media files to your different devices. It is available for all of your devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux so you can literally use plex on most of your smart devices. Plex also gives you many features such as remote access, sharing your media server, plex web app, media collections and many more. It provides you with the access to its web apps which you can easily access through a browser and transform your local computer into a super cool media server. One of the best Plex features is it enables you to share your media server with your friends and loved ones and they can remotely access your media files.

Plex also has its forums fully loaded with the information so that if you have any questions you can easily clear them on these forums. It also gives you a feature to add Plex channels by which you enjoy hundreds of on-demand videos from any of your favorite channels. It gives you full control over media libraries where you can create your own media library and explore the libraries of your friends by remote access feature. Plex automatically organizes your media collection and also gives you the best matching by which finding your files will be easier. All the basic functionality of Plex is completely free but it can also have its paid membership called Plex Pass Subscription it allows you to enjoy additional features such as mobile sync, cloud storage, camera uploads and early access to pre-releases.

Download Plex on Android

  • Open Chrome and Download Plex.
  • Wait for it to download.
  • Once done you can start streaming your favourite media content.

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