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PlexPlex is an ultimate media player solution which helps you to stream and manage your movies, music, and photos to a wide variety of smart devices and other DLNA devices. No other media server software can provide as much digital media streaming and managing features as compared to Plex. It has a centralized server which helps you to stream all of your favorite music, movies, TV shows, photos and other media files from your computer to your TV, home theatre and other digital media appliances thus this tool gives you the next level of enjoyment. You can harness various powerful features of this media server software through its web interface where all of your media files from various of your devices can automatically be streamed through its powerful server and you can enjoy them in a beautifully designed web interface where you will get all great looking artwork and text metadata for your media files. This media server is loaded with advanced AI Technology which automatically extracts all the quick artwork and metadata including album, genre, description, actor names, title, ratings and much more from your media files.

Plex is also available in various different languages such as Spanish, German, English, Russian and many more so that you can enjoy and get the benefits of this powerful media server from any corner of the world irrespective of your country and languages. You can also comfortably watch and record live TV shows, movies, and music and also export them to your external storage device. You can enjoy its additional features and benefits by purchasing Plex Pass subscription where you will get special features like mobile sync, cloud sync, camera upload, parental controls and much more. Plex is available for all of your devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iOS-based devices, Windows PC and smart TVs.

Download Plex on Android

  • Download Plex from your browser.
  • Now Login with your Plex credentials and enjoy streaming.

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