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PlexPlex is a client-server based media player tool which gives you the ability to manage and stream your media files. This tool lets you stream your videos, audios, photos and other media files across various of your devices. All the basic services of this app are completely free. Plex also has a pass subscription service that gives you many premium features. During the premium subscription of this tool, you will get early access to all of the latest Plex features. This will also facilitate your access to beta release versions of this tool which has of many new beta features and some other tools before they are released publicly. With pass subscription, you will get all of Plex mobile application completely free. It also enables you to watch and make recordings of live TV, DVR and over the air broadcasts available at your locations and you can easily catch them using your tune and digital antenna.

Plex Pass subscription also gives you premium music collections which gives you the next level music experience and you also get better artwork, description, album ratings, lyrics of your favorite music and much more awesome features. It also gives you access to plex pass perks where you will get huge discounts, hot deals and VIP services. It also gives you a user account on its website where you can get all your media files organized in its beautiful web interface. Plex has an AI system which automatically gathers trailers of the latest movies, video clips and much more of your interest. You will also get a premium feature of cloud sync from which all of your media files can be synchronized to your devices and you can access them offline.

Download Plex on your Android smartphone

  1. Open Chrome or any other browser.
  2. Download Plex TV App.
  3. You have to provide a six digit code to login with your device.
  4. Once done you are all set to enjoy your favourite shows.

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