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PlexDo you want to manage your media libraries effortlessly? Do you want to stream your video files from your phone to PC? If yes then you should try Plex which is a media server software help you to stream and manage your media files. Plex is a must have software for those who have lots of media files on their computer and want to manage and properly organised them at a single place. On June 2017 it introduced a new feature which allows you to enjoy the live broadcasts of your beloved TV channels and other videos streams. One of the best features of this tool is it assists streaming through remote location which allows you to view and watch all of your media files from each of your devices having Plex installed on them at any place where ever you want. This feature will entertain your kids when you are away from your home or working at your job.

Plex also allows you to share your media file with your friends using remote server functionality. The only requirement is that you must have a stable internet connection in order to use it efficiently. Most of the basic features of Plex are completely free but it also allows you to get additional functionality by purchasing Plex Pass Subscription. Plex pass comes up with three different price ranges which you can purchase for monthly, yearly and lifetime which you should buy at 4.99 per month, 39.99 per year and 149.99 for a lifetime subscription. Its premium subscription provides many other features such as mobile sync, cloud storage, camera upload and many others.

Download Plex app for your Android device

1. First you need to open your smartphone.

2. Then make sure you are connected with a stable network connection.

3. Go to your favourite web browser.

4. Download Plex and start the installation process.

5. Once downloaded successfully enjoy your application.

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