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PlexPlex is your final stop for all of your video streaming tasks. It is an ultimate tool which enables you to organize your media libraries in a clean and efficient manner. Plex works on media server technology by which it connects your device which has its clients installed on them with its centralized server and streams all of your media files to it server. You can use this media server on your browser, mobile devices, streaming devices, gaming consoles, PCs, home theatre, play stations and many more smart devices. It is free to use software which allows you to get free news and podcasts for all of its registered users. It helps you to manage your local media libraries including photos, videos, recordings, music and images with the help of its powerful server. Plex also has its web interface on which you need to create an account and enjoy all the basic features for completely free. It provides you with a glitch-free environment in which you can enjoy your video streams without any kind of glitches and lag.

Plex also provides you with its forums where you will discuss any of your ideas and problems related to this software. If you want its premium feature you can unlock them through purchasing its Pass Subscription in which you will get other great features. Its premium version enables you how to store your media files on its cloud server which will grant you the protection of your files from any unwanted data loss.

Get Plex on your smartphone

1. Unlock your smartphone.

2. Make sure you have an internet connection.

3. Go to your chrome browser.

4. Now Download Plex app and wait for finishing the process.

5. Login with your Plex account credentials and provide it the six digit code you will receive to login.

6. Enjoy your media files and video streams with Plex Media Server.

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