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PlexAre you the one looking for a better way to organise your media collections? If you are then you are going to discover a helpful tool which may be very useful for you. The tool we are talking about here is Plex media server. It is a server-based software which allows you to organise or manage your local collections in an interesting manner. It uses its powerful server and synchronises all of your media files from various of your devices on which its client tool is installed and gathers them on a single interface so that you can easily access them on any device with the help of a simple web browser. This tool provides you instant access to your media collections with the device. It also encourages you to share your recommendation with your friends and colleagues to make your friendship better. It also allows you to remotely access your media collection so if you are at your office and want an important file from your home PC then you can effortlessly do that with this media server tool. It also helps you with syncing your files between devices. You can also help others by sharing your review regarded with a particular movie or video stream.

Plex also offers its Pass Subscription which you should purchase if you want to extend its basic features. Its premium membership will allow you the feature of parental controls through which you can restrict adult content based on age restrictions so that your newbies aren’t able to watch them and stay safe and away from adult contents. It also offers you unlimited playbacks and lives TV for watching all of your favourite TV shows.

Download Plex for your smartphone

1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
2. Don’t forget to enable unknown sources option from your security settings.
3. Then go to Chrome web browser.
4. Now Download Plex apps for your Android device.
5. Enjoy all of your streams at a beautifully designed interface.

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