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PlexPlex is one of the most popular media streaming platform usable by a lot of peoples on the internet. The main function of this tool is to manage messed up local collection of your different media files and it organises them into a more efficient way so you will easily find the media file you want. It enhances the user ability to perform various activities with their video streams. Users can record the broadcast of their favourite tv channels that are transmitted over the air near your resident location. You can also get all of your file organised in a simple and very useful interface via this media server application. Plex also offers premium subscription known as Plex Pass Subscription which will give you other benefits through which you can enjoy your streams. It unlocks a very important feature of Plex Home through which you can get this application for your smart TV in utilising its advanced features.Plex allows you to set up a group of user that can access this software at a single time. If you are with your family then both parents and children can use Plex on their different devices connected to a single centralised server in their house and all of their files can be stored there and streams to their different devices. You may add up to 15 members in your home server and in that case, there is one main administrator and other are the uses but they all can use Plex altogether. Plex’s premium subscription will enable you to use many more features such as camera upload, synchronization, parental controls, latest updates and more.

Download Plex on your Android device

1. Take your smartphone unlock it.
2. Then enable your data connection.
3. If done correctly then move towards your favourite web browser.
4. Now Download Plex on your device.
5. Enjoy your video streams with this amazing media server app.

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