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PlexDo you want to get rid of your messed up local libraries? Do you want to organise your media files? If you are the needed one then you should definitely give a try to Plex media server application. It works in such a way that you can simply organise your local libraries of media collection and access them at a single interface. It works on the basis of client-server architecture means all of your media files from your collections can be uploaded to its server and then it organise and manage them for you in a beautifully crafted interface which is designed by highly trained professionals and then you will access it on any of your devices. It also comes up with some advanced features such as AI supported app which you can access through its web interface you just need to log in your Plex account. Then you will see that all of your media files can be separated into a different category and automatically has artworks and description with them that will make you more clearly to searching your media files.

You can also upgrade this application by spending some money on its Plex Pass subscription which is available at very reasonable prices. It will let you to the whole new dimension of highly advanced features of this app. So you can easily set up this application for your home and your entire family will enjoy its benefits. It also helps you with mobile synchronisation feature so your files from mobile can be easily accessed to your PC or laptop or any other smart devices. Its premium subscription will also lead you to an amazing collection of premium music that you will enjoy and it also takes your experience when next level.

Get Plex for your Smartphone

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Then open your Chrome web browser.
  3. Now Download Plex supported with your Android device.
  4. When downloaded successfully then install it and give all the necessary permissions.
  5. Once it is successfully installed, now you will enjoy its advanced features.

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