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PlexPlex is a full package of highly advanced tools which helps you to deal with your media collections. It is a media server software that is available for different devices in various forms. The main role of this tool is to stream media files to its centralised server so they can become accessible to many of your devices. It gives you the ability to analyse your media files on basis of different factors such as Video codec, resolution, frames rate and more. It also enables you to send to your media files to any device which you want to access them but for using this feature you just need a high-speed internet connection. It can collect all of your synchronized media files to a single place in a beautifully designed interface which is simple and easy to use. It also uses an advanced algorithm to optimize your media files and compress them to the largest extent possible so that next time you download them you can preserve storage space of your device this will also help your device to work more efficiently as compared to its previous performance. It also has a media player that will allow you to play and watch your different media types such as images, videos, audios and others.

Plex also processes your browsing activities and gives the best possible recommendation according to your interest so you will easily find the videos you want. You also have the ability to view your same movie in different resolutions such as 480p, 720p, 1080p and more this will help you to conserve your network’s bandwidth so that other user can also enjoy they are media as well.

Method to get Plex for your Android device

  1. First of all, check that you are connected with a high-speed network connection.
  2. Then go to your favourite web browser and look for Plex.
  3. Now Download Plex compatible with your smartphone.
  4. If it is completely downloaded that install it on your device.

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