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PlexAre you looking for a free tool to help you with organising your messed up media collection? If yes then Plex media server is your final solution. It works by establishing a connection between your media, the Plex media server and other clients for your devices including browsers, gaming consoles, streaming devices, PC and more. The several functionalities of this media server can cost nothing but many features which are unlocked can be accessed through in-app purchases or by upgrading its subscription to a premium subscription known as Plex Pass subscription. It allows you to utilise its several features such as Plex Web App, news and podcasts, public apps, mobile apps for free without spending any money. Its premium subscription offers you the real power of this application. It enables you to record and watch live TV and DVR using a supported tuner or Digital Antenna. It also allows you to access its premium music library on which you will get each and every popular music along with its lyrics. Plex also has an integrated file Optimizer that helps you to optimise your media files and it converts them into different optimised version according to file size so you can enjoy this media files in the way you want.

Plex is fully compatible with many of your devices based on all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and more. It also lets you know before launching its new apps and gives you all the latest updates about upcoming events so that you will never miss them up.

Download Plex on your Android smartphone

1. Step towards your smartphone and unlock it.
2. Go to your settings menu and toggle on cellular data.
3. Once done then open your favourite browser.
4. Now Download Plex for your Android device.
5. Then allow all the required permissions and install it on your device.
6. Successfully install it and enjoy your media streams.

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