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PlexAre you willing to get free video streams? Do you want your media organised? Critics have shown that there are many applications available on the Internet to help you with organising your media files but Plex is on the top of that list due to its advanced features. Plex is a media streaming application that is widely used by many people in different countries to organise their media collections and stream it to many of their devices. It also gives you the feature to play your media files via an amazing interface. It also helps you to catch and play live over the air broadcasts of your beloved TV channels and enjoy them on your any device. You can enjoy unlimited videos, movies and TV shows via this application. You are a music lover then it also gives you the access to use premium music collection in which you will enter into a whole new dimension full of Amazing music. It can be easily installed and configured with many of your devices and you can enjoy it in many languages spoken around the globe.

Plex uses a centralised server to store all of yours synchronised media files and provide you access to a beautifully designed interface where you will also get the default artwork for your videos and movies. It has buttery smooth controls to provide you with the most comfortable experience. If you want you can also enjoy its paid membership known as Plex Pass subscription. This membership will promise you its advanced features that are not for every normal user and gives you a premium experience.

Download Plex on your smartphones

  • Fast go to your device settings and turn on cellular data.
  • Then confirm that you have a stable network connection.
  • Go to your Chrome web browser.
  • Download Plex compatible with your device and install it.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy excellent features of Plex.

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