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PlexPlex is a futuristic media player application from which many users can enjoy their media streams. If you looking for a solution to deal with your big collection of media files stored on your computer then Plex is all you needed. It is based on client-server Technology and it consists of a powerful server which is capable of storing thousands of terabytes of data in an organised manner so that you will easily find an item you are looking for in your library. If you are working at your office and want to access your home computer then you can simply do this with remote access facility with this tool provides to its users. If you want a method or technique to catch TV broadcast near your area and enjoy them for free without paying charges to communication networks then Plex will help you to do that and you will be able to watch and record all of your TV channels whenever you want. It also optimizes your files and reduced their size for compressing them using an advanced algorithm which is developed by its official team. You can access all of your media files that is sync by this tool at a single place through its web interface or by using its application client supported with your device.

Plex can also be effortlessly configured with your NAS devices and you can enjoy it advanced features. You can easily get this app for many of your devices including your PCs, smartphones, iOS devices, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. Plex offers you it’s paid membership for monthly, yearly and for a lifetime at the cost of 4.99, 39.99 and 140.99 dollars package.

Download Plex onto your Android device

1. Go to your favourite web browser and open it.

2. Now Download Plex compatible with your device.

3. Then install it and give all the necessary permissions that it requires.

4. You are ready to enjoy your media streams.

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