Download Plex

PlexPlex is a multifunctional tool that is fully loaded with advanced features and provide Royal treatment to your media files. It permits you to watch and record TV broadcast near your president and you can also save your recording for offline use so you can enjoy them without a network connection. It will manage your streams and gathers all of the metadata for your videos and make them more descriptive. It also adds many artworks to your media files such as thumbnails posters description ratings reviews and more that help you to make your decision more accurate regarding your media files. It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy its premium membership where you will get access to a collection of premium music. You can enjoy lyrics for your music and you will also provide with an automatically generated playlist based on your mood. If you are ready to explore the collection of premium photos then you are at the right place it also provides you auto-tagging feature from which you can discover your memories with your friends and integrates life with your photos.

Plex allows you to maintain your timeline view and you can also upload your photos from any of your devices and create advanced and share them with your friends to make your relationship better. you can configure it with your home theatre and enjoy your Cinemas and other TV shows in a theatre like an experience and it also has a section where you will get behind-the-scenes and deleted scenes of your favourite TV shows and movies. It also gives you the facility to search through its powerful filters option get will help you to get the result faster.

Method to Get Plex on your Android device

  • See that your device is connected with an internet connection.
  • Go to your Chrome web browser and search for Plex.
  • Now Download Plex and set it up on your device.
  • Finally, you are ready to enjoy all the features of Plex.

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