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PlexDo you want to enjoy your media in a more organised way? If yes then Plex media server is the right tool for you as it automatically syncs your media files to its amazing server and then it will automatically organise them in a beautifully designed interface so that you can access them at single place. This tool is fully compatible with your different devices such as Xbox, PlayStation, smartphones, iPhones, laptops, home theatre and with many other smart devices. It will provide you with an awesome feature of remote sharing and this feature will help you to access your files stored on your various devices from a distant location. You can also share your folders and files with your friends that live far away from you and you can also access their computers and devices in just a single click. This feature will make it the more advanced tool ever created to deal with your media files. It also has a ChromeCast support which will be very helpful if you want to enjoy your media files stored on various devices of different sizes. You can easily stream them to your big sized Plaza and other screens and enjoy your streams on a bigger screen.

Plex offers its common features for free but it will also give you a chance to explore its full potential by purchasing its Pass Subscription in which you will be allowed the access to its complete features. There you will get a premium music library which is fully loaded with the latest music in different qualities. You can enjoy them and download them to any of your devices.

Steps to Download Plex for your Android device

  • Make sure your device is connected with a nearby Wi-Fi network.
  • Now step towards your favourite web browser and open it.
  • Then Download Plex and install it on your device by allowing all the required permissions.
  • Get ready to enjoy the high quality of streaming services.

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