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PlexAre you ready to experience premium media management services? Plex is the media server software that allows you to deal with you messed up messed up video files, music files, images and many another type of media files. It helps you to organise them in a better way. This tool is based on a client system which is connected to a server which has the capacity to store a large amount of data on it. This tool simply stores all of your media files from different devices on which you have the tool installed to its server and then they will be processed by artificial intelligence tools of the server and it converts them in an organised manner that you will love to see. This tool gives you the ability to create directories for a different type of files and it will also provide you with the default artworks of your favourite movies, TV shows, music and others items. This will give your files a new life this is the best tool that you can also configure with your network storage devices. You can also connect different devices near your area with each other and create a network for sharing a different type of files effortlessly by using these feature.

Plex also has some more advanced features such as it allows you to set up parental controls on your network so that your child cannot access age-restricted content from the web and they remain secure from different kind of bad habits and age-restricted content. This feature is very useful for parents especially those who have newbies in their home. It will also give you the complete feature to track all of your searches of different users at your home that use this tool to watch streams.

How To Get Plex for your Android devices

  • See that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Go to the chrome web browser and Download Plex.
  • Enjoy your well-organised media collections.

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