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PlexPlex is a world-famous application that helps you to stream your media files across different devices. It can use a server-based technology that synchronises different media files from your different devices and upload them to its server and then it will allow access to the server by creating an account of this service and you can access all the files from each of your devices on this server. It will provide you with a beautifully designed interface which is specially developed by skilled developers in such a way that it delivers the maximum ease to deal with your media files. This tool ensures that it is completely secure and it is entirely free from all type of viruses, malware and trojans. It protects your data by using a strong encryption method which will hide your data under an extra layer of security so that it is nearly impossible to hack into your system and steal your valuable data.

Plex offers you its premium subscription at very reasonable prices and through this subscription, you will get extra benefits such as camera upload, auto synchronisation, parental controls, premium music library and many more. The best feature of its premium membership gives you the opportunity to watch live TV broadcasts of your favourite TV shows and movies so it will cover all the TV channels that are broadcasted in your area. This tool is fully compatible with multiple operating systems so you can easily install it in your any devices having operating systems like Android Windows Linux Mac and others install on them. It also supports multiple languages so you can easily use this from any corner of the world.

Method to Get Plex for your Android smartphones

  • Go to your settings and turn on Cellular data connection.
  • Open any web browser application of your choice.
  • Download Plex on your smartphone.
  • Allow it all the necessary permissions and install it.
  • Enjoy quality media streaming services.

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