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PlexPlex is a media manager application which allows you to manage your big libraries and collection of your local media in a more efficient way. It also has different features such as it helps you to stream your media files across your desired devices. It will provide you complete access to premium streams that you can enjoy without having any type of worries. It gives you an awesome feature of live DVR and TV recording which allows you to watch and record all of your favourite premium TV channels and TV shows without paying anything. It is completely free to use and download. It will take you to a wide collection of all TV shows that you can easily enjoy and record as well from live TV broadcast near your closest station. You just have to set up an antenna to tune into them and catch the thousand of broadcasted channels. All of the favourite TV shows will be yours.

Plex also has a file optimizer that will be very helpful to decrease the size of your downloads and media files so you will enjoy them at more speed and low file size. This will increase your overall efficiency and decrease the limitation of storage. Plex also has a cool feature of media playing that will help you to play any type of videos, images, audios and other media types on its integrated media player this will be very helpful in order to enjoy each and every file types of your media. Plex also gives you complete access to its premium music library in which you have a beautiful set of latest releases from different creators and you can enjoy all of them by just purchasing their premium membership.

Steps to Download Plex for your Android devices

  • Go to your settings and turn on Cellular data.
  • Open up any web browser and Download Plex using it.
  • Install and configure Plex correctly on your devices.
  • Enjoy a premium treatment to your media files.

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