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PlexDo you want to get a premium media management tool? Are you frustrated with your messed up media files? Statics shows that Plex is the only multifunctional tool which will provide you with a huge variety of features to handle your media files and enables you to deal with your huge local files collection stored on your various devices. It also has a feature through which you can stream your favorite videos across any of devices. It allows you to watch your downloaded videos in any type of format through its advanced player. It also adds different metadata to your media files stored on its server and helps you to identify them properly. It also supports a different kind of subtitles available in multiple languages for your media files that allow multiple users from different nations to enjoy each and every video streams without having any communication issues. It provides you easy to use convenient interface that you can easily navigate without any type of advanced technology. This will make it simpler for normal users. It will provide the feature of your mobile synchronization through which all of your sensitive data from your smartphones is securely stored on its centralized server and it also grants you the security of your data.

Plex also has a feature which supports ChromeCast through which you can play and enjoy media files such as your beloved TV shows, music, TV channels, movies on your bigger screens. On its server, you will find a bigger collection of all type of media files that you can also enjoy they are divided into different categories such as horror, documentary, Romance, comedy, Action, thrilling, dramatic and many others. You just have to tap on your screen to enjoy millions of videos from each of these categories.

Way to Get Plex for your Android smartphones

  • Connect your device to an active network connection.
  • Download Plex and install it on your Android.
  • Enjoy full access to millions of media collections.

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