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PlexPlex is a platform which brings together all of your media files from many of your devices and helps you to stream them across all the devices whether they are big or small. You can use it to stream your media across any screen. It also has a support for Chromecast that enables you to play your streams at your big screen. It helps you to manage all type of your media files like videos, musics, photos and other libraries. All of them will be stored in its server and it can magically organise them in a simple interface. It also adds a rich description, posters, thumbnails, reviews, ratings and other artworks to your media files. It also has a feature that allows you to search for your favourite podcasts and explore the new dimension of a high-quality podcast from your favourite creators based on your personal recommendations. It also gives you the functionality to search lyrics for your favourite movie, videos, music and enjoy them to the fullest you can also have a feature to live TV and DVR recording which you can also watch on your any devices buy simply catching up your TV broadcast near your area. It also provides much more features such as remote access which allows you to share your local libraries with anyone by giving him the remote access to your system.

Plex also offers a lot of other high-quality features such as parental controls, VIP perks, camera upload, mobile sync and many other features. If you want to enjoy all of them you must have to enrol in its premium membership known as Plex Pass which it offers at very minimal prices.

Download Plex for your Android devices

1. Open any browsing application of your choice.

2. Now Download Plex compatible with your device.

3. Run it by tapping on is icon and give all permissions to install.

4. Get ready to dive deep into the quality streaming experience.

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