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PlexPlex is an extreme solution for all of the media files that you have on your system and you want to enjoy at any place. It will provide you with a centralised server on which it can automatically synchronise your files and stream them across the different devices. It also offers a membership known as Plex Pass which you can purchase for different time periods such as monthly, yearly and for a lifetime and each of them has different price ranges but all of them are very affordable by a common user. It can also be installed on your computers and NAS devices so that you can experience the real power of remote sharing. It allows you to completely share each and every file stored on your server to someone else located at some distant place. It will give you other features such as trailers and extras in which you will find the high-quality movie, trailers, interviews about the latest movies that are going to be released for free. This tool also gives you all the latest updates about upcoming events based on your interest so you can enjoy them without missing a single moment related to them.

Plex also has a very powerful feature named cloud sync that ensures the complete security of your sensitive information. Rather than all of these functionalities, it will also offer you early access feature in which you can get the first hands-on its latest releases without any type of charges. This tool also gives you the ability to set individual for users at a single account so that you can manage parental control for your child to restrict them to access age-restricted content.

Steps to Get Plex for your Android devices

  • Go to settings and enable cellular data.
  • Open your Chrome browser and Download Plex.
  • Install it accordingly to your device.
  • Enjoy the premium experience of video streams.

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