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PlexPlex is a beautifully crafted media server application that works on your smart devices such as Android, iOS, PC, Laptops and many other devices. It is used to stream your media files this application provides the Hollywood treatment to your local media files that they deserve to be displayed on big screens. It can synchronize all of your photos personal documents favourite music tracks and all the rest of media files belong to your device so that you don’t have to access your device in order to enjoy them and you can take all of them wherever you go irrespective of any devices. This application can stream your media file to many big screens such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and many more other Smart TV so you can enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows with your family and friends at any place where ever you want. This application is also used by many professional gamers to stream their games on the bigger screen. It can easily be configured on any type of gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox One, Nvidia shield and many others you can also configure it with your home accessories like Amazon, Alexa cover and others to enjoy its full potential at your own home. So overall this is the perfect application which provides you with all type of solution regarding with your media streams.

Plex is completely secure and you don’t need to worry about any security measures because it already established our security team were the highly advanced experts that take care of each and every aspect of the security of tool this app.

Steps to Download Plex on your device

1. See that your internet connection is turned on.

2. Move towards your web browser and Download Plex.

3. Give it all necessary permissions to install it properly.

4. Get ready to explore a new dimension of media streams.

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