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PlexDo you want to maintain your messed up media files? Are you frustrated with the messed up local collection of media on your different devices? If yes then you should consider using Plex Media server application. It is a software that provides you all the necessary tools and technique to manage your local libraries and access them from any other devices. This software uses a server to synchronise your local libraries. Then it will give you all the access to your files by just creating an account on its web interface and you will get full access to your media files from any devices that you want. This software is also available for your different devices in different forms. You can easily use this application for your Android devices in order to stream your media from different devices to your Android such as from your Android to PC, PlayStation to Android, Mac to Android and in many other ways.

Plex allows you to enjoy your favourite TV shows and the broadcast of your beloved channels into your device by just setting up an antenna to tune into that signal. It gives you the ability to record and watch all the broadcast that you have available in your area. This will provide you with many other features that will make you feel the royalty of this app. You can use this app in different languages. It supports more than 30 different languages including English, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and many others. You can easily find the option which gives you the filters to scan and exactly find the accurate video or any other media file which you are looking for.

Steps to Download Plex on your Android.

  • Go to your Chrome web browser.
  • Then Download Plex appropriate for your device.
  • Now install it by giving all the required permissions.
  • Open it and enjoy the royal treatment to your local media files.

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