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PlexPlex is a well-known media server solution that helps many peoples to handle their mixed up local libraries with some amazing features. It is a tool that is trusted by a lot of peoples and used on regular basis to stream their favourite media files on different devices and also manage them with more efficiency. It permits you to download your favourite videos on the topic of your choice and you have all the rights to download them and enjoy whenever and wherever you want. It gives you a better approach to handle the media files you can easily organize them in two different directories that you want and easily separates your different files including music, photos, movies and other videos on your various devices. It uses server-side technology to help you in managing your local collections. It synchronizes your video files to its server so you need a high-speed internet connection in order to streaming of files. It works absolutely fine on normal internet connections.

Plex takes different variety of media files from many of your devices and organise them on its server and then provide you with the access by creating an account on its website and you can have a beautifully designed interface to access your files where you have the permissions to perform different operations such as deleting a file, copying a file, add a new file, creating directory, move file from one directory to another directory and many other. You can change its look and feel at your own terms it is available for worldwide users and hence supports multiple languages.

How to Download Plex on your handheld devices

1. Go to your device’s settings and tap on mobile data.

2. Now open your Chrome web browser and look for Plex.

3. Then Download Plex on your device and install it carefully by allowing the access to desired resources.

4. Enjoy all of your media in a well organised form.

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