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PlexAre you searching for the best media streaming application? Do you want to stream HD media files without any glitches. Here we have the final solution that is Plex. It is a media server application which will provide you a lot of features with its trial version and if you want to extend its subscription then you will get a whole new set of latest features that it provides only to its premium users. It has a Pass subscription that you need to purchase then you will have many new features unlocked like auto-tagging and places. This will help you to recognize your photos and media’s and provide you with the facility of auto-tagging. It enables you to enjoy automatic camera upload through which you can wirelessly send your photos and videos to the Plex media server and there these media files are stored in a private and secure place. It will also unlock a whole new dimension of Royal music in which you can easily find out the subtitles of any music that exist on the internet. You can also has personalize recommendations based on your mood to listen songs accordingly your mindset.

Plex will ensure you the entire access to its early apps that are going to be released in the near future without any type of additional charges. You can also use this tool on your live TV to enjoy your media files from smartphones on a bigger screen. It also has a support for Chromecast this will make it is stand out from other apps of its kinds. Along with these features discussed above it also has additional functionalities such as mobile sync, multiple users, loudness levelling, Parental Control, photo albums, Plex Pass perks and many others.

Method to Get Plex on your devices

  • Make sure that your device has successfully established a connection with the internet.
  • Go and tap on your Chrome web browser icon.
  • Now Download Plex on your device.
  • Enjoy the next level features to stream and organise your media collections.

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