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PlexDo you want to bring your favourite media together at a single place? Are you want to enjoy your local libraries is in a beautiful and easy to use interface? If yes then you need a single solution named Plex. It is a well-designed piece of tool that you can get for your multiple devices. Mostly it is used by Android and iOS users and it will lets you stream your all of photos, videos, music and other media files across your other devices. You can access them on any devices according to your wish. Plex handles your photos collection and huge messed up video libraries and organise them in a proper way  rather than this it will also provide you many other tool and features through which you can explore other dimensions of this tool. It will provide you premium music content that is trending nowadays on the web and you can easily enjoy it. It is an AI algorithm to understand your thinking process and provide you personalized streams that you love to watch and enjoy.

Plex contains original movies and other contents of popular sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others and provides all of the video streams to you with just enrolling in its Pass Subscription. You can start using this tool on your Android device by creating a 30 day free trial account which will give you access to its Limited functionalities and if you want you can expand them later on. It will provide you environment of digital media centre from which you can control each and every aspects of your media files.

Steps to Get Plex right into your Android Smartphones

  • First of all, connect your Android smartphone to the nearest Wi-Fi connection available.
  • Then open up your favourite browsing client then Download Plex on your Android smartphone.
  • Install it and enjoy the highest potential to handle your media collections.

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