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PlexPlex is a must have application for all of the media seekers. It is the perfect platform that will serve you all the required functionalities in order to manage your media files and stream them at your favourite devices. This tool comes up with two different membership first one is for free and only available for the 30-day trial in which you can enjoy its basic features like live TV and DVR broadcast your favourite TV shows movies and etc. On the other hand in its premium subscription, you will get the feature like remote administration, automatically synchronisation, backup and restore facility, age restriction facility for your child, camera upload, premium music collection, premium content, latest update about the events and many other cool features. This tool is the best for the users who want to properly organise their media files that lie on their different devices. This tool can take all the hassle and headache and provide you with the files in a more and better-organised way.

The interface of Plex is of very high quality and good in design so that the user can experience high and good services from this app. You will also get 24/7 support by the support team of this application and if you have any type of configuration issues with this application then the team will be always there for you to ask for help and they will definitely help you as soon as possible. These are the best services that this tool will provide to you and it also has a large forum where you will find all the basic Q&A’s to get started with this tool. It is really simple to configure it on your devices like computer, Smart TV, service and others. You will get the complete step by step process in order to install or configure it. So this is the tool which is the beast in terms of functionalities to handle your media.

Way to Get Plex for your smartphones

  • Connect your smartphone to the internet connection.
  • Go to the Chrome web browser and Download Plex.
  • Install it and have fun with this multifunctional media streaming app.

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