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Plex is a professional level of tool that will help you to properly organize your media files in different of your devices. It is an app that is available for all the popular platforms and it is compatible with nearly all of your daily used devices. It has a lot of features which will provide you with the best media streaming and managing facilities. This application will allow you to access the Plex forums where you can easily get all the needed apps help for getting started with this tool and its various options. You can also use the web app of the store where you just have to create an account in order to view all of your media files at a single place. It works on client-server technology to stream your media files. You can also access this tool remotely which will allow you to enjoy your media when you are away from your resident. 

Plex also supports the facility of server sharing with which you can easily share all of the media content of your server to anybody in the entire world. It will also allow you to prepare your libraries by giving you the direct option to manage them. You can also search web videos for the latest releases of movies, TV shows, news, events and many other latest updates these all are the free features offered by this tool but it also has an enormous amount of features for the premium members in order to use these feature you have to enrol in its Pass subscription which will charge you a minimal fee but in return it will provide you with the best value and features. 

Method to Get Plex for your smartphones

  • Make sure that your smartphone is properly configured with the Wi-Fi network. 
  • Head over your Chrome browsing application and fire it up. 
  • Then Download Plex compatible with your device and install it. 
  • Now enjoy tons of feature for efficiently managing your media files.

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