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Do you want to get the best streaming solution available outside? If yes then Plex is a smart media streaming application that will provide you non-stop media streaming at any of your devices. It uses its server to provide you with the facility of remote sharing and secure handling of your media files. It synchronises your media file within the server and then provides you with an account through which you can access these files and it will be very helpful in accidental cases where your data may lose from your device. You can now easily backup your data from the cloud server of this app. All of your data will be completely secure from any kind of threats and unwanted situations. This app will also give you a sign up option for creating free account where you can enjoy its basic features otherwise if you are interested in purchasing its premium subscription then you can pay a small fee to enrol in its pass subscription where it offers additional features like mobile upload, parental controls, remote access and many others. 

Plex offers a large variety of entertainment services like the premium TV shows, all of the content of Netflix and many other premium videos. You can directly enjoy them by watching and downloading the videos to your device. It will be the best app to share your favourite videos with your friend irrespective of time and distance. With this application, you will also get a free feature of mobile sync which can synchronise the media to your device. If you need them it will also give you the access to premium music library where you will find the lyrics, music tracks and other details of the world of music. 

Way to Get Plex within your Android smartphone

1. Open the security settings of your Android device and enable unknown sources. 

2. Connect your device to the internet and Download Plex

3. Enjoy non stop streaming service of high definition media content.

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