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Plex is an application which allows you to stream any video, movie and TV show to your different devices. It is a media streaming application that will give you all of the tools required to efficiently manage your media files within your local storage. It is rated as the best application on the internet for handling your media files and keep all the Hustle from you. It will also come up with many additional features that you can enjoy like live TV and DVR support which can provide you with the free over the air broadcast of popular TV channels on your devices and you can easily record them and watch them whenever you want. This will be very helpful for you to enjoy the episodes that you have missed due to your workload. It can also provide tidal streams and other music tracks. These all are freely available for all the user of this app. You will also get regular web shows, podcast and video news with this app. It will provide the full solution for all of the online content needs of yours. 

Plex will become the All-in-One favourite app for you which supports all kind of media services at a single place. It can also be very efficient to manage and organize your collection of movies, TVs and other videos by providing the cloud storage facility. It synchronises your media files with its server and then it will help you to organise them automatically by using its intelligence service. You don’t have to do anything and you can enjoy all your files in are properly organised way and it additionally add other detail to your media files like descriptions, ratings, reviews, poster and many other artworks. 

Instructions to Get Plex for your smartphone 

  • Open your smartphone and unlock it. 
  • Go to any of your web browser and Download Plex
  • Install it in the correct manner by giving access to the required resources. 
  • Enjoy all in one media streaming solution provided by this app.

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