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Plex is one of the smartest media management tool for your wide ranges of devices. It will provide you a lot of functionalities to efficiently organize your videos, audios, photos and many other files at your local media library. It also provides you with all the tool to stream this type of media files into any of the devices that you wish. Other than these features it also offers a wide range of other features through which you can directly enjoy live TV channel on your Android or iOS device. It will also provide the complete collection of high definition of music which you can listen at any time and enjoy according to your mood. It also has a big collection of online content where you will find a lot of entertaining things like addictive web shows, podcast, videos, news and many other items. It also consists of a powerful web server where it can store all of your media files so that they will be protected with the full and best security protocols. 

Plex brings all of your favourite media together at the workplace one place and provides you with a beautiful and easy to enjoy interface to watch and play these videos. You will also get an integrated player in which you can easily play videos of any format and you don’t even have to use an external App player on your device so it will provide you multiple features at a single place. The basic functionalities of this tool are available at zero cost but if you want to upgrade and enjoy its complete benefit then you have to purchase its pass subscription which will unlock a completely new dimension of advanced features. 

Steps to Download Plex on your smartphones

  • Make sure that your smartphone is correctly using the internet connection. 
  • Then fire up your Chrome web browser and Download Plex on your device. 
  • Install it properly by allowing all the required permissions of your device. 
  • Now open it and enjoy the world’s best media streaming platform under your fingertips.

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