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Plex is one of the most trusted media streaming solutions that you can enjoy on almost all of your devices. It will help you to perfectly organize your messed up media libraries and you will also stream your media files across any devices irrespective of their distance. It will help you to get the remote access of any devices on which this app is installed. This will be very helpful in the case where you needed a file at your office that lies on your home computer. Then this app will be very useful in such scenarios. It has many features that allow you to easily enjoy the remote sharing facilities along with many other amazing functionalities. It will give you the feature to enjoy all type of media streams like your favourite TV shows, music, albums, podcast and other media content. It is one of the best tools for entertainment purposes and you can also install this tool on your Smart TV so that you and your complete family can enjoy favourite TV shows at your home. It also has a feature of premium access that will unlock many premia and exclusive features of this app. These features include premium music where you will find high-quality songs and you can easily download and listen to them anywhere at any time.

Plex also has a feature of auto management of your media files that will help you to take all the hassle of managing your files on your different devices. It uses its powerful server for streaming your files across your multiple devices. You can access any file installed on any devices by just configuring this tool on all of your devices. You can also access this tool through the web interface by using any web browser. It enables you to enjoy and watch free TV broadcasts. 

Method to Download Plex on your smartphone

  • Connect your device with an active internet connection. 
  • Then start up your Chrome web browser and Download Plex
  • Install it on your device and enjoy the best media managing tools on your device.

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