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Plex is the best Application that you can use on different devices for managing your local media libraries. It will offer you all type of features to easily manage your large collection of media files. It helps you to automatically categorize your media files into different categories such as videos, music, images and others. This application uses its powerful server to automatically organise your Media Libraries into an amazing interface and then you just have to create a free account to access all of your video files at one single place. It also offers the facilities of remote sharing which will be very helpful for setting up your own network storage server at your home. This will help you to easily access all of your files irrespective of your locations. It is also the best application for entertainment purposes as you can easily set up this app on your Android TV at your home and you can enjoy free TV shows, movies, songs, documentaries and other channels with your family by using this application.

Plex also helps you to automatically adjust the quality of your video streams to provide you with flawless streaming experience. This app works fine on all of your smart devices like your iPhones, Android device, Windows PC, PlayStation, Mac devices and others. It is a multi-platform application which is easy to use in different platforms. You can enjoy this app at your own local language as it supports more than 20 different languages. It is one of the highest rated application in the category of media streaming for your Android devices. 

How to Download Plex into your Android smartphones

  • Make sure that the internet connection of your Android is enabled. 
  • Now use your favourite web browser and Download Plex
  • Once it is downloaded install it properly on your Android smartphone. 
  • Finally, Enjoy the best media management application on your Android devices.

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